Intel Lynx Point: more than RAID, but accelerated boot

Some information about the next range of chipsets Intel 8 series, Lynx Point, coming while the series 7, Panther Point, has just launched...

Lynx Point - Zol.PNG

Processors Intel Ivy bridge that integrate a new Intel HD 4000 iGPU, offer a good overclocking potential. Launched only a few days ago and already tested by us (the Core i7-3750K and i5-3570K), these chips are accompanied by a new series of chipsets, the Intel Series 7 Panther Point.

Even if this launch took place there is very little time, a few eyes are already turning to the next series for code Lynx Point. The introduction of the new range of processors that will be released next year called Haswell, will be also accompanied by a new series of chipsets, as you guessed it, the series 8.

If we stick to the latest information unverified on these upcoming chipsets, the Z85 will lose the RAID, a sacred loss for the unconditional support of clusters of hard drives. What is sure to be of interest to manufacturers of RAID controllers to create a new range of special motherboards RAID. It is also expected that the entire range will give the possibility to users of basic control technology RST (Rapid Storage Technology) according to three possible choices, energy efficiency, maximum power, or in between.

Last information about Lynx Point, the startup of the machine time reduction, more specifically, the time of loading the EFI and the detection of components and peripherals. Intel will offer, in association with a disc SSD of the caster to more quickly detect hard disks used for a much shorter load times that currently. This will of course work with the fondeur… disks There are still a whole year to discover these new chipsets, we still have some time before us.


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