Firefox already available in Beta version 13

Milling 12-exit penalty, Mozilla already offers its 13 Firefox browser in Beta version download.

Notice to fans and non-superstitious people, the Mozilla Foundation is lagging and already offers the download milling 13 in beta version of its browser web and this just a few days after the official release of the number 12.

This new edition of the browser to the red panda offers several new features in the GUI with all major first a default homepage that gives quick access to the main features through icons at the bottom of the screen (downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, browser settings), and then open a new blank tab is now appear a mosaic of nine vignettes sites most popular that it is possible to rearrange envy by movingpinning or removing very simply.

firefox-13-beta-page-accueil     firefox-13-beta-page-accueil-02

Firefox is therefore a Visual facelift and ergonomic welcome that was poor especially compared to what offer already Chrome and Opera since a little while. Other changes such as the activation of the Protocol SPDY sites the supporting and soft scrolling are enabled by default and, during a restore of session, the loading of the content of all the tabs previously open is automatically but upon request in the selection of one of them, this result a much faster browser startup.

The complete list of changes can be found on the Mozilla site page dedicated to this version and you can download the software by clicking below.


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