Wii U and 3DS: games for download at the same price as the box

If logically a paperless game should be cheaper to purchase than a box version, Nintendo not that ear means it.

It is secret, the video game industry slide gently over the years toward digital sale in download, dematerialised games. To the great despair of those who have had the chance to know the 1980s game boxes and as complete books that interesting to read (before embarking on the adventure, always...), the video game will soon be more form and to purchase only on Steam, Xbox Live and other PlayStation Store. As such, it must be recognized that Nintendo has accumulated a certain delay in the matter, its platforms online is not be entered in the habits of players such as those of its main competitors.

Nintendo eShop

Of course, the nippon consolier knows and is committed to do better in the future. This is why it has just announced that it intends to strengthen the distribution of games dematerialized for its console, the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U future. At first, only larger productions will be affected through a sale that will be on the same day in the trade box and download online. This is particularly the case for New Super Mario Bros 2.

But then the sale of games for download is an opportunity for publishers to bypass intermediaries, saving manufacturing the holder of packaging and transport costs, and thus increasing profitability, it is also often the opportunity for players to purchase games at a preferential price. In Nintendo, this is not the case.

Indeed, Nintendo has indicated that prices in her shop online in trade for box versions will be the same. A decision which will be logically criticized by players, but Satoru Iwata - CEO of Nintendo - held to explain: "We realized that the publishers on the tariff for the sale of digital versions views." Some editors believe that the dematerialised versions should be sold cheaper than others, when others want to be they sold exactly the same price (...) We have decided and chosen the latter for the time being. "What no limitation specialty stores sell download codes to preferential prices".

This will not help Nintendo to stuck his popularity while it comes to post for the first time in its history annual losses, but should reassure strings video game shops heavily threatened by the growth of paperless. As players, they would of course prefer that publishers make an effort instead of wanting to maximize their profits. Especially as Satoru Iwata may hide behind the wishes of publishers, Sony succeeded well, for its part, to sell the games PS Vita on average €5 for less on the PlayStation Store on stick memory in shops... It is certainly not great, but at least the effort is there.


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