To a much more stringent Marketplace...

If the Microsoft application shop was quite lenient so far, which marked a real difference with Apple's App Store, the editor intends to change the rules...

Windows Phone Marketplace

Offers Google Play or the App Store for mobile applications, the Microsoft Marketplace is far behind with about 80,000 software available. And if the editor has put in place several campaigns to attract developers to its platform, he will not let them do anything under the pretext that it is lack of apps.

Indeed, Microsoft just announced a toughening of the rules of publishing an application on the Marketplace, with a validation that will now be more strict. The idea of not letting take in a race to the volume, but to guarantee the quality of the catalogue.

Among the things that change, Microsoft made that trademarks are now better protected, since any application subject to a claim will be removed if it is that questions of copyright problem. The use of trademarks, Microsoft will help developers to try to obtain authorization from the undertakings concerned. Also, developers who offer quasi-similaires applications in different categories to increase their visibility will be sanctioned.

Another decision, limit the number of keywords associated with an application. Words key used at the level of research, and whose abuse some developers. Now, only five key words can be indicated by application, and all the additional keywords already available applications will be automatically deleted, which will affect the popularity of certain apps. Finally, and this is more worrisome, Microsoft plans to be more strict regarding applications to the content which may be offensive. Talking of pornographic and violent content including the bloody games... Microsoft moves towards the establishment of a validation procedure as strict as that of Apple, some time taxed censorship?


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