SATA/SAS 12 Gbps to...

Of the 12 Gb/s SAS or SATA IV? Unless it is both. Still a few months to wait to find out...

To keep a certain advance on the rise of the bandwidth offered by the disks to flash memory, manufacturers have two possibilities for the moment. The first, not simple, it is wire on a PCI-Express, as the SATA Express bus. This last offer of flows and 2 GB/s, which is already large enough to see the fastest of the current SSD.


The second solution is to change the SATA III of the new generation SAS as Hitachi GST could demonstrate us on May 9. Knowing that the SATA and SAS connectors are identical, and that only the controller is different, a new generation of hard drives could happen with the support of this new high-speed SAS standard. The SAS proposes 2.4 GB/s in both directions and the standard would be about to be finalized.

It must however wait still a little land such flow in his machine. It should be whether the consortium that unites builders of disks is will agree on unification two standards, SATA and SAS, or if the two will be entitled to the same developments as was the case for SATA III and the SAS 2.0. Specific LSI also that there would be a version 24 Gb/s being tested in laboratories, is double of the 12 Gb/s SAS in question here .


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