The Samsung 7 Chronos passes to speed

Update of the Chronos Series 7 with processor Intel Ivy Bridge and the Kepler in the mobile version for the graphic part.

Samsung would be about to deliver his new laptop computer equipped with the latest processors Intel Ivy Bridge and coupled to a graphics from NVIDIA, the GeForce GT 640 M. Of a diagonal 15.6 inches and a definition of 1600 x 900 matte finish - finally! -This new laptop will weigh 2.4 kg for correct dimensions (36,21 x 23.85 x 2.39 cm). A hair too thick to be classified Ultrabook the last criteria of Intel, may still slip into a large bag as needed. It is therefore the same as the Chronos Series 7 currently on sale.

NP700Z5C-S01CA-23051-78-0    NP700Z5C-S01CA-19820-56-0    NP700Z5C-S01CA-16555-29-0

Moderated by an Intel Core i7-3615QM processor at 2.3 GHz to 6 MB of cache, it will be joined by 8 GB of RAM at 1600 MHz 4 GB directly welded on the motherboard, which offering while a single memory bank of available to increase the size of the memory of the machine. Chipset selected by Samsung is Intel HM76 that supports the WiDi, wireless for a screen display technology or additional TV, but also the ExpressCache technology that uses Korean with a cache of 8 GB also soldered on the motherboard. This will allow the laptop to start very quickly or to come out of hibernation in less than 2 seconds.

NP700Z5C-S01CA-81-0For storage, it is a hard disk of 1 To spinning at 5400 t/m. an optical drive is also present for the reading of film or for the installation of various software which still pass on this type of support. On accessories and connectors present on the machine, Samsung provides its new 7 series of two speakers 2 x 2W with a subwoofer additional, a camera of 1.3 megapixel, the Bluetooth 4.0, taken RJ45 supporting gigabit, a sound output to the jack format and its micro with a microphone installed in the packagetwo USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0, to complete a farm eight cells (80 Wh) who will happily pass the 1500 cycles of recharge from Korean.

He will be delivered with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on this product sheet on the Samsung portal, without indication of the actual sale price of the new model. We now await the official launch of the new Chronos Series 7 rafraichi that we look forward to testing. You can always read our test of the model currently sold, to wait.



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