World of Warcraft: always a Metro in advance!

It is say stalled, WoW is still the Rolls of the MMO in terms of playing comfort, and proves it with this new feature: automatic rollback of object.

WoW 01

The principle is simple: If an unfortunate handling made you swing your favorite axe to nettles (recall that play after a night watered, it is wrong), now simply a simple visit to your account to repair the error. In fact, it should be noted that this option existed, but that it required to go through the standard procedure for technical support, which could take 2-3 days.

This time, the operation is almost instant, and the lost object is found in your mailbox in under a minute. A system that just add to the long list of tips to simplify life, that it would like to see across so it is practical, and that there is finally as Blizzard. By contrast, BioWare should integrate the transfer of characters between servers on its Star Wars: The Old Republic by the summer. Hum...


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