It would be the Galaxy S3 of Samsung...

Leak of rigor before the announcement in good and due form of the Galaxy S3 of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Leak

Go, history of wait until the Samsung of future Conference during which the manufacturer will throw the veil on its new Galaxy S3, here is a photo which is now the turn of the Web and who would be (you you in would have doubted) this famous Galaxy S3.

The design would look like not bad to the Galaxy Nexus. The screen would be "4.7. The phone would have a LED notification. The embedded processor is a quad-core. The photo sensor would be 12 megapixels. All would be under Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The "Home" button would be maintained. And the terminal would be the GT-i9300 reference...

Phew, overdose of conditional! Will in any case, whether the good Galaxy S3, picture or not, the be that tomorrow .


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