A 200 TFlops supercomputer installed in the Paris region

Bull will equip the CLRB of CEA of a new supercaculateur of 200 Teraflops.

Bull Supercalculateur

Here is the 50th world place of the ranking of the most powerful supercomputers that should position the machine Bull French is about to deliver to the CLRB (calculation of research and technology). Able to issue a power of about 200 TFlops, this supercomputer will be installed in the computing centre attached to the Atomic Energy Commissioner, in the commune of Bruyères-le-Chatel in Essonne.

Is access including the teams of engineers from Areva, Astrium, EDF Group, saffron and of course of the CEA. Which guarantees that it will be used in many application areas, and including "studies on the operation of power plants, design and safety of nuclear reactors, the development of aircraft and helicopter engines, analysis of environmental risks, the study of proteins and the deciphering of the genome, the climate change or even new matériaux… research".

To implement this cluster, Bull will assemble servers equipped with processors Intel Xeon E5-2680, processors derived architecture Sandy Bridge-E with 8 physical cores and 16 threads 2.7 GHz processors each. Once entered in activity next month, this new cluster will allow the overall computing power made available by the CLRB exceed 500 TFlops.


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