100 pages per minute: attention to deforestation

More 1, exit 6 to the second page, it should be...

Brother has not yet unveiled the price of its new monochrome printer which, according to the manufacturer, is the fastest in the world, able to bring out up to 100 pages per minute... Under these conditions, better to use recycled paper for the eating of trees.

Technologically, the print head is composed of 5198 hawks spread over a surface area of 21.5 cm wide. At the time, it has no need to move and issues flow as it beats all speed records. A capable of printing in a single print head passes on the front but the back also.

Of course, this last has several bins to manage multiple formats and types of paper, while avoiding having to reload too often this beast that will only bite of ramets which will be proposed.

According to Brother, this high-speed printer to divide the carbon footprint and printing costs by two a more conventional model. Present in Berlin to discover this new printer, our colleagues from the digital returned with this impressive presentation video.


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