Already gone of the Atom D2700

Intel sealed the fate of its Atom D2700 after a period of relatively short marketing.


It's official, Intel has already signed the judgment of death of the Atom D2700. This processor will therefore had a relatively short life, since it was launched end of 2011 with the platform Atom Cedar Trail. It's a CPU with the 32 nm composed of two hearts and having the HyperThreading (four threads) that is running at 2.13 GHz. Its TDP is 10 Watts, it manages up to 4 GB of DDR3 on a single channel and has long been talk about him for his part, graphics chip PowerVR SGX545 640 MHz dual-core.

A sound chip can decode video streams HD (including Blu - ray) but also be compatible DirectX 10.1, which has proven to be more problematic than expected for Intel was very difficult to provide by Microsoft WHQL certified drivers. This Atom D2700 will therefore disappear in favour of other references, and perhaps new Atom that have not yet been presented, who knows? Is that Intel customers have until June 29 if they wish to order this processor, for deliveries which will be carried out no later than September 28. After that, the Atom D2700 will disappear for good.


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