Free Mobile, the rate for valid Freebox subscribers even after termination

Free Mobile packages dedicated to the Freebox subscribers reduced tariff is valid even after termination.

Free Mobile Logo.PNGFree confirmed information concerning which the preferential tariff applied to subscribers Freebox on its mobile packages, namely €0 or €15.99, is valid even after termination.

Thus any subscriber offer ADSL for Free which is tempted to see in another mobile operator if the grass is greener and later decides to resume package with Free Mobile will always be the reduced rate. Until then the termination and renewal to a Free Mobile offer wavered on the normal tariff to €2 or €19.99 for a Freebox non-abonné.

Offering Free Mobile enhances therefore with time even if it was known and knows still some defects of youth which should quickly narrowed to meet the current and future subscribers.


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