The boost of Tegra 3 seems to be confirmed, pending Tegra 4

Frequencies of functioning identified and GPU accelerated, these are the elements of the SoC Tegra 3 AP37 that Nvidia is going out...

A few interesting details about the new versions of the 3 Nvidia Tegra SoC make their appearance on the canvas and tend to confirm that this all-in-one processor will be entitled to a kick boost at the level of performance in the meantime Tegra 4, code name Wayne, which is now known as the AP40 reference.

Currently, the tablets and smartphones that are equipped with a chip Tegra 3 are of a SoC which reference is AP33. As explained in this article, it is suspected that an AP37 (engraved in 28 nm) quickly make its appearance. And as shown in the table below (borrowed from VR-Zone), this new variation will be more efficient with an operating frequency reviewed higher (between 1.5 and 1.7 GHz), a faster GPU by 25% and the management of screen up to 1920 x 1200 pixels.

Tegra AP37 VR-Zone

It is in any year end, at best, that could be a priori subsequently. Wayne so the Tegra 4 (AP40) which will be based on ARM Cortex A15 hearts. Nvidia partners who will design a Tegra 4 processor equipped products expect to receive the first samples about a month after the Computex, or this summer. Computex that Nvidia could decide in good and due form to its Tegra 4, even if it is a little early.


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