Call of Duty : Black Ops II, la guerre futuriste

Activision reveals Call of Duty: Black Ops II via a 2 minute trailer. The series moves to the futuristic war, reinvent itself again?

The report of a US firm recently gave elements at those who believe that with the series Call of Duty, Activision has eaten his white bread. Indeed, some observers are beginning to estimate that the coming episodes of the saga will no longer fight the established records in the future. And yet, every year the editor surprises his world by proving the contrary. But this time, it's serious, since Modern Warfare 3 is less well sold in March 2012 not to was sold by Black Ops in March 2011 (-5%). This was no more needed to hear a terse "Call of Duty is dying", even if all this is of course largely premature and that it will take a little wait to know if, in fact, fatigue tends to emerge among the fans of Call Of.

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This brings us - you you in would have suspected - Black Ops II announced since, not, Activision did not intend to stop in so good way. The episode of the dispute with Infinity Ward and the clash with West and Zampella well behind us, Call of Duty may continue his Matchstick road at the hands of Treyarch, the principle of alternation of development is still renewed studios.

Result, Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be released on November 13, 2012 and the announcement, that night, is already accompanied by a broad campaign of advertising on the Internet and in the media. Not, it does not joke with the com' in ActiBlizz.

The announcement was punctuated by the distribution of a first video about two minutes that introduces the game. The opportunity to see that it is not question of second world war and or Viet Nam. No, if Modern Warfare has made a name in Call Of hunting on the land of modern war, Black Ops reinvents looking in the future. A passage in the Delorean of Doc, and that's in 2025, while machines have replaced men on the battlefield.

In the construction of this Black Ops II, many things change, beginning with the integration of the single player campaign missions "Strike Force". The players will have the opportunity to choose one of these missions in effect at certain times in the game. But attention, in releasing one they close access to others during a given game. The purpose is twofold: power walk the player on the globe at a glance in proposing missions very various, adding changes to gameplay and as much pepper to fool the boredom, but also encourage players to repeat several times the solo campaign for all of the game, and so booster "semi-artificially" life. Note that the outcome of these Strike Force missions can influence the course of history and traditional missions.

Mark Lamia also slipped a word on the multiplayer to PC Gamer. He indicated that Treyarch would like to Black Ops II a game perfect for esports competitions. How? By finding the balance between the comfort of dedicated servers and the practice of the game in the set rules from the outset by the studio, which will be the same for everyone. Then, servers dedicated or not? We do not yet have the answer, but Treyarch knows that this allows more opportunities for cheats, that the studio did not want to encourage. In short, it will be seen well. Finally, note that the famous Zombie mode will return, but that he won't this time above a priori appeal to President Kennedy (Haha). We are told to finish that Black Ops II Call of Duty the more ambitious and huge will never be released. But this, Activision said we each year. Rendez-vous November 13 on PC, PS3 and X 360.

PS: Would forget, but if Treyarch could switch to DirectX 11 on PC and do our beloved platform their development platform, rather we propose a beast portage to the va-fast console version, it's better!


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