The new GPU - Z supports the GTX 690 and... 670

The new version of GPU - Z utility is available in version 0.6.2 and supports, among other things, the GeForce GTX 690 and 670.

Any user wishing to know information on its graphics and its GPU must install GPU - Z. This utility is a real mine of information of any kind on all graphics chips integrated into our PC (fineness of engraving and size of the die, number of transistors, the ROPs, frequencies of the GPU and memory, TDP, rotation speed of the fans etc.).


As each new version, the soft provides its batch news and information about the future upcoming GPU and, in this case, the GTX 690 and GTX 670 this version already supports. GPU - Z 0.6.2 also the GeForce GT 640, 630 GT, GT 605, GTX 675 M, GTX 670 M and Quadro 3000M on the side supports NVIDIA and Radeon HD 7970M and HD 7450 in AMD. Support for integrated graphics of Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge circuits is now effective and the frequencies of the GPU Boost of GPU Kepler detection has been improved.

The complete list of what's new in this version can be found on the dedicated page of the site and the download is done via the link below:

> Download GPU - Z 0.6.2


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