Microsoft wanted to sell Bing on Facebook

Anxious to get rid of its search engine, Microsoft would have tried refourguer Bing on Facebook...

Facebook Bing

This is the kind of approaches that multinational companies prefer to keep secret. But the New York Times has decided otherwise and revealed that last year, Microsoft executives came close Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to the CEO of the first global social network to buy the Bing search engine.

Therefore a large folder, but a demi-surprise when we know the privileged links were woven into these two groups, Microsoft have included participation in the capital of Facebook and him having resold a part of its newly acquired AOL patents.

When these discussed, Microsoft tried to demonstrate to Facebook with Bing in anyway, it would be better cut for Google and its social offensive with Google. However, Steve Ballmer not had apparently not validated this proposal which, in any event, came on nothing since Mark Zuckerberg has just declined the offer.


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