ASUS competition Kinect with the Xtion

This ASUS Xtion, a sensor of movement for PC-like as two drops of water to Microsoft's Kinect.

It looks like a Kinect sensor, it's the same thing as a Kinect sensor but is not a Kinect sensor, it is the Xtion of Asus. With its head of Wall-E, impossible at first sight not confuse the Xtion with Kinect, motion capture device proposed by Microsoft and available, remember, since February 1 on PC. Asus has just hunt on the lands of the firm of Redmond by also offering a product with similar functionality for PC users.


The Xtion operates in USB 2.0, measures 18 x 5 x 3.5 cm, and its sensors, optics and sensors can detect the movements of one or more users at a distance ranging from 80 cm to 3.5 metres. The Xtion is thought to facilitate the use and navigation, with gestures, in applications such as galleries photos with Flickr and Picasa, videos with YouTube or social networking with Facebook, all of these applications having seen their interfaces specifically adapted to provide a better user experience.

A specific Web, Kylo browser, has therefore been developed by Asus in collaboration with Hillcrest Labs in order to surf the net easily through gestures, a virtual keyboard is displaying on the screen to even text input.


But the Asus Xtion is particularly aimed at video games. It will also ship with 3 programs developed specifically for him, Beatbooster, DanceWall and MayaFit in this case, a racing game, a set of dance and a personal fitness coach as can be found on Xbox 360 or Wii. A dedicated Web portal, the Portal Xtion will acquire of new games and upcoming applications. The device is also compatible with "already available as Virtua Tennis 4" classic titles, Need for speed Hot Pursuit, Street Fighter 4, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds.

For the moment no tariff or date of marketing, have been announced but just hope that the entry ticket is not too high as the Kinect PC to its output was proposed relatively expensive tariff of €249 even though it may now be at €140 in some shops.


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