Some "official" info on the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will launch officially next week, on 3 may, but info already starting to filter.

No more call it Galaxy S III or the "next Galaxy" as like in the teaser Samsung, its final name should probably be Galaxy S3. Indeed, several sources had already alluded to this new name, but there is serious because the information comes directly from chez… Samsung, and more precisely its House, KIES data synchronization software as shown in the image below.


The photo of the model is not, of course, that Galaxy note having been reused but the commercial name and the product code appear well and indicate "Galaxy S3 – GT – I9300".

But in addition to the name, this is also the type of SoC to be used by the smartphone was unveiled by Samsung himself at a comparative technical demonstration. In this case it will be its Quad-Core House, the Exynos 4 Quad (name of code Exynos 4412) based architecture ARM Cortex-A9, engraved in 32 nm, measured 1.4 Ghz and incorporating a Mali-400 MP4 dual-core, it, 400 Mhz graphics chip against on the Galaxy S II 266 Mhz.


All of this is in the end very attractive if these infos are indeed true, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the air to have under the hood to sink to its Chinese competitors that are visible on the horizon (Meizu MX Quad and Huawei D Quad XL). More than a small week to wait to be fixé…


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