The dark side of the Force is in Gelid

The coté dark enclosure is presented by Gelid. Nothing much revolutionary in view however.

The Gelid company, rather known for its cooling systems, offers today a new case announced as being specially designed for large video game sessions. The DarkForce, of his name, is all steel of 0.7 mm with a black paint.

gelid-darkforce-1  gelid-darkforce-2  Gelid DarkForce (2)

The chassis can even accommodate the format ATX or micro ATX motherboards and accepts up to eight fans, two already installed 12 cm positioned at the front and rear, alleged silent. It is also possible to position a radiator for water cooling of 12 or 24 cm to the rear of the enclosure. Found at the back of what managing eight ports of extension.

About the USB 3.0 port located on the top of the box, it is also a USB 2.0 port, but also an eSATA port, and finally a small Bay for hard disk drives in hotswap. For a maximum of storage, Gelid thought to 3.5 "adapter for locations 5.25" inch, what still add additional hard disks whether to RAID 10 with not bad of HDD. Moreover, the HDD cage is partly removable for a very long graphics card, a good point. It would seem that this box is already available for about $ 120 with a guarantee of two years.



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