Windows 8 simplifies formatting

Format the hard disk under Windows 8 will be simplified. And can be even the "cool"...

With Windows 8, Microsoft will change some things on the formatting of hard drives and it is once more Steven Sinofsky which explains these changes on the blog Building Windows 8. It is learned that in addition to the equivalent of a good old "format C:" called "reset", Windows 8 will propose a "Refresh". Using the first function, an option to perform a precision erasing by forcing the system to fill the disk of random data, which will avoid the first-come can restore the data that were registered on the disk before the formatting, without however prevent experts retrieve.

Windows 8 - Format (1) Windows 8 - Format (2)

Windows 8 - Format (3) Windows 8 - Format (4)

Side refresh, it's a reset disk will remain in memory important data, such as users, applications settings and data will be saved before being re-registered a disk cleaner and better organized. An option, according to Microsoft, almost find the performance of a disk that will allow new, freshly wired.

In all cases, the operations will be rapid promises the editor, since it should count on average 23 minutes for a precision formatting, 6 minutes for a quick format and 8 minutes for a refresh. Unfortunately, it is not known on which drive these measurements have been made. Once again, there is at Microsoft a genuine simplification with Windows 8 will, leaving sometimes just to lose some advanced features which delight experienced users and mark the difference of the system.


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