Facebook mobile application: 300 million users


We saw in 2011 how the mobile sphere is a strategic area for the growth of the social network Facebook. Be connected permanently to her "friends" is a motivation to do so as from a mobile phone or a touch tablet, a contact and permanent exchanges.

If you always wait that Facebook creates its own mobile OS that would go even further in the integration of its services, and logical its own mobile phone, the social network multiplied the initiatives to be present on all platforms for smartphones via dedicated mobile applications or at worst passing through a versatile portal designed in HTML5.

This mobile strategy is pay: in December 2011, the 300 million users of Facebook mobile applications has been crossed. Without surprise, access via iOS and Android there are star, more than 100 million users through an iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and barely less on Android devices, the rest being made up of users on BlackBerry OS or via phones feature (Facebook offers a Java application compatible with a large number of mobile).)

Facebook, mobile force rising
Symbian is however weakly represented while Windows Phone is almost invisible. Benedict Evans, the analyst who has compiled these data, note that these 300 million users are more than the foundations of iOS and Android users (about 225 million each) and assumes that the number of people accessing Facebook only from the mobile must be high.

The workforce is non-negligible while the social network has a base of 800 million accounts and claimed 350 million mobile users in the third quarter (counting the users through the mobile Web site).

The analyst pointed out that 70% of Facebook mobile users through an application... or about a third of all users of the network. What encourage Facebook to no longer consider access mobile as an annex to its Web portal but rather as an entity in the heart of his offers.