Samsung: where it reminds of the quadcore in Galaxy SIII

MWC Samsung Galaxy S2 03

Information is not new but it is put forward by information of Korean ETNews again evokes the presence of a quad-core processor in the future Samsung Galaxy SIII which could be presented at the show MWC Barcelona 2012, end of February next.

There is little doubt that Samsung will present a new smartphone of reference on this occasion and the fact that he do a quad-core processor would be only moderately surprising when there already is an offer on the market with the Nvidia Tegra 3 platform and it is rumored that the next generation of processor at Apple (Apple A6), that in the next iPhone and no doubt the new iPadis quadricoeur.

To maintain its image of supplier of terminals taking the latest technologies, Samsung will hardly make the impasse on this aspect. It remains to see what processor manufacturer will use, knowing that he has a solution internally with the processor Exynos 4412 (ARM Cortex-A9).

Mobile 3D screens Samsung?
However, it should be noted that physical solutions under ARM Cortex-A15, the next generation of architecture, are far more, even if they do exist for the moment only in dual core. Between the aura of the quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 and the novelty of the ARM Cortex-A15 in dual core will be a choice that is declines may be in other smartphones later this year (Samsung has already announced its own solution for mid-2012).

Site ETNews also evokes the eventual introduction of Samsung3D for mobile screens . It is carefully kept away from this technology in 2011, leaving LG Electronics and HTC wipe the casts of its introduction.

Its presence is directly mentioned on the Samsung Galaxy SIII but could more surely find its place in a dedicated template.


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