Ultra-D technology: 3D free glasses-extensive

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Currently, only present 3D TVs on the market require a pair of glasses to take advantage of the terrain view. Only, year 2012 signs the arrival of the first auto-stéréoscopiques screens that require no suitable glasses. This is the case of LG, Philips and Toshiba.

While these new types of products are preparing their arrival, unpublished technologies emerge as the solution called Ultra-D, developed by the Stream TV Networks firm, already known for its shelves eLocity.

Very ambitious, this technology partner hardware components with algorithms issued by specific software, with a view to issuing high quality 3D images and this, without having to wear glasses.

The solution of Stream TV Network enabled devices will be many: TV, shelves, all-in-one computers, laptops, video game consoles, smartphones or digital photo frames. It is also indicated that the technology will allow of convert 2D 3D real-time content.Ultra-D will be presented at these 2012 which will take place throughout early January in Las Vegas.


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