4 To at 7200 RPM Hitachi

4 To disk is 7200 RPM with 64 MB cache...

hitachitravelstar5k750hdd01After the 5 K 4000, Hitachi returns with a new reference of hard disk with tops of 4 To 7 K 4000. As its name indicates, this hard drive will now turn to 7200 RPM, so faster than his little brother who turned in 5400 RPM.

To obtain such data density, Hitachi indicates that the HDD will have five trays of 800 GB each. Native, the block size is 4 K, with firmware that supports the Advanced 512e Format which we talked about recently. The fact sheet announces a maximum flow rate of 204 MB/s in good conditions, for example at the beginning of disk and with files whose sectors are contiguous. Indeed, this new reference contains a cache size doubled from the other model, either 64 MB what gain a little in performance.

Side sound, this new 7 K 4000 rises slightly in the ranges and passes it to 29 dbA, not yet of what wake the neighbors, but it will consume 6.9 Watts, not knowing if he consumes this power in full load or just simple without access to upland rotation. Hitachi did not disclose the date of availability of this disk, or its price, but we we doubt that it will be not did, given the current rates of the hard drives.


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