The Shuriken starts to LGA 2011

The Japanese company Scythian updates one of his Shuriken to make it compatible with the 2011 of the Sandy Bridge-E LGA sockets.

The Scythian society to two beautiful false indicates the output of a heatpipe of the Shuriken range for socket LGA 2011. In Japan, is never half things, because this small heatpipe CPU as well adapt to Intel processors for the LGA 775 LGA, 2011 to AMD processors through the AM2 AM3 + and even the FM1.

scythe_big_shuriken_2_rev._b_02      scythe_big_shuriken_2_rev._b_03

The dimensions are loyal to the range with 125 x 135 x 58 mm, and the cooling system is composed of coated copper nickel on the base and the vanes with heatpipes in oval structure. He is course with his faithful fan ultra thin 12 cm that can turn at 500 rpm to not generate that 9,32 dbA. At 2000 rpm, it will produce 33,67 dbA. This small "BIG" Shuriken Rev 2. (B) shall normally be available in rays shortly at a rate of €30.



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