Patent war: Chinese manufacturers join forces

Drapeau Chine

2011 has been a year of intensification of complaints for violation of patents between mobile manufacturers, after a year marked by several skirmishes, the intellectual property becoming an economic weapon, rather than a shield.

At the same time, China has become the Prime global market for smartphones, exceeding the United States and confirming its role of promising market over the next years in the third quarter of 2011.

In this new arena, the battles of patents may be just as intense as elsewhere and many Chinese manufacturers of mobile were not necessarily the arguments for tactically to future attacks.

Combine patent portfolios
They have therefore made the choice to unite to better combat the complaints which will undoubtedly be filed to destabilize. Site Digitimes reports that several Chinese manufacturers, including Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, Coolpad and Konka, have decided to make common cause for better control of international actors on this aspect.

They expect that major groups such as Apple, Microsoft and Nokia occur to strengthen the protection of their intellectual property by judicial, often directed actions against Android. The fact that Microsoft is seeking to obtain rights of licence on the part of Huawei, one of the largest manufacturers of Chinese mobile, are consistent in this vision.

Chinese manufacturers hope to hide behind the substantial intellectual properties of actors such as Huawei and ZTE, which hold essential patents in wireless mobile technologies and rely on their flexibility to provide alternative solutions for complaints about features interfaces and mobile OS.


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