HP printers: update to mitigate a fault


End of November, Columbia University researchers revealed the existence of a security vulnerability in HP printers and an operation to allow taking control remotely with the risk of theft of personal information, or even for the device of physical damage (cause overheating).

For the affected models, firmware is accepted and installed without a digital certificate. A print job specially designed (and sent from a Mac OS or Linux system) can trigger a firmware update and allow remote code injection.

HP widely placed the scope of the vulnerability referring a potential vulnerability with some LaserJet printers, mainly if they are used with a point of public access to the Internet without firewall.The manufacturer pointed had wind ofany report. Nevertheless, it has announced a firmware update to mitigate the problem. An announcement which is not in the details. A priori, the fault is not filled.Recall that in this case, an American individual decided to take justice.


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