(Trans) portable players: MSI pulls the GT783

A transportable in MSI goes dry fragger with its GeForce GTX 580 M!

MSI-GT7832MSI offers for sale laptop PC (trans) its special video games, the GT783. History of put things clear to note at the outset, that a benchmark on 3D Mark Vantage goes back a score of 16,000 points. Not bad not? To achieve such a score, MSI has equipped its portable PC gamer with an Intel Core i7 at 2 GHz (6 MB cache) and a graphics card from Nvidia, GeForce GTX 580 M with 2 GB RAM dedicated.

A reminder, this graphics card has 384 hearts CUDA and bandwidth of 256-bit wide address the 2 GB of GDDR5, it supports without problem on DirectX 11 and Nvidia PhysX, and pass the bar of 3,000 points on 3D Mark 11. There will also be Optimus technology that allows switching between the internal graphics chipset and graphics card based on demand, but this technology also allows the use of the two simultaneously for even more power.

In this 17-inch diagonal machine, it is possible to install up to 32 GB of DDR3 RAM and storage in RAID 0 with two conventional hard drives or SSD, everything will depend on the budget. The screen is in backlight LED. The matte black finish is soft-touch, despite the use of an alloy of aluminium and magnesium to the chassis. The keyboard also had right to his lot of improvements, in partnership with the well known manufacturer SteelSeries players. The keyboard is hard and the positioning of the keys has been reviewed to avoid overflows during the hottest passages, with for example of Ctrl and Alt keys larger and more widely spaced. The backlight of the keyboard is also the part with five different modes, normal, Gaming, Wave, Breathing (respiration in French) and Dual Color therefore composing more than 1,000 variations of colors with the seven LED behind each key on the keyboard.

MSI-GT7832-003 MSI-GT7832-004

MSI has not forgotten small sessions cinema at home with a Blu - ray drive, HDMI output and processing of sound with Dynaudio, THX TruStudio Pro. It is also possible to use as the central unit with a classic VGA output and two ports USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports. This list must be added an eSATA port and a card reader SDXC, Memory Stick and full of other formats.

It will be also possible to play in mobility with a large battery of nine cells (7800 mAH) but need to find a solution for this computer that weighs even close to four kilograms. Neither price nor date of sale for the moment.



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