Logitech wants to reinvent the mouse with his Cube

Ambitious parallelepiped as the Cube: mouse, touchpad and pointer, all one way.

Logitech Cube (2)

Not always easy to re - invent the wheel and it must be said that attractive at first glance, the last gadget that Logitech presents like future mouse leaves us finally rather puzzled. Remains that intentions are commendable: propose a new browsing experience mixing in a same device mouse, touchpad and pointer for presentations.

Wireless, this Cube operates the Swiss manufacturer Unifying technology, managing up to six devices on a single USB dongle. And according to Logitech, the Cube is perfect to navigate in a PowerPoint presentation and the present meeting.

Another advantage of this rectangular field mouse-one, its small size. Also, everything is done to make use of more instinctive. Just for example lift so that the laser pointer put in road. The kind of actions that hopefully settable via the pilot of the spacecraft. Embarking on type USB Li - ion rechargeable battery, is not what is the autonomy of this Cube. However, we know that it works under Windows XP, Vista and 7 and it will be sold from the end of the month of January for about €70.

Logitech Cube (3)                Logitech Cube (1)


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