Record of donations to Wikipedia: $20 million in 50 days

Wikipedia has once again succeeded his appeal for funds, setting a new record.

wikipediaThe Wikimedia Foundation that hosts Wikipedia fact each year appeal donations from users to complete its operating budget, that commented there is little time Jimmy Wales, founder of the participatory encyclopedia online, after receiving a cheque for $500,000 on the part of Sergei Brin. Launched in mid-November, the 2011 campaign has been received successfully, allowing Wikimedia to collect some $ 20 million in just 50 days thanks to the generosity of one million donors.

Over the same period, a year earlier, the Foundation received $ 16 million. Sue Gardner, Director of the Foundation, attests to the usefulness of these funds for the site, certifying to donors: "your money will be well used, I promise" in a message of thanks. In France, Wikimedia budget is monte 1.1 million euros including total EUR will be paid to the Foundation for the cost of infrastructure. The online encyclopedia is poised to celebrate its 11 years.


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