Windows Phone Marketplace: and 50 000 applications

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Still far away from the two portals for downloading mobile applications, the App Store and Android Market, with their content in hundreds of thousands of articles, the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace continues to expand at its pace and has placed the bar of 50 000 applications submitted.

Open in October 2010, at the same time as the launch of the first version of Windows Phone, with hundreds of applications, the portal has developed slowly and had passed the Cape of 25 000 applications in July 2011.

And if it continues to be pale figure before the Legion offerings of its competitors, the Marketplace still enjoys an accelerated phase of the growth of its content, note the site All About Windows Phone.

The arrival of new smartphones Windows Phone on the market, on the availability of the Mango update, including the range Lumia of Nokia, and the extended presence of the Marketplace in new markets probably explain this renewed interest.

Growth dynamics
The pace is now 265 new applications submitted each day, while he was 165 in November. On 50 000 applications in the Marketplace, 6,000 are no longer available (withdrawn or abandoned) and the number of applications available in local versions of the portal slightly varies: the US Marketplace account 42 655 applications, while the French portal are 39 235.

About 60% of the applications of the Marketplace are free, for 33% paid, against a report 69 / 31 on the Android Market and 43 / 57 to the App Store. Finally, All About Windows Phone stressed that the Marketplace has been faster to reach the cap of 50 000 applications as the Android Market, suggesting that the platform is not unsupported by the developers.


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