Microsoft Flight: Free Flight Simulator

Microsoft Unveils some information on the return of his Flight license, free-to-play.

Microsoft Flight 

By closing the Aces studio in early 2009, Microsoft signed the death of one of its flagship franchises: Flight Simulator. However, in mid-2010, Microsoft reported the development of Microsoft Flight without too say and especially show its simulation for large media events that have unfolded since.

But this is the "game" that comeback, Microsoft finally decided to tell us more. A priori, the output of the simulator would be programmed for the next spring, and - very good surprise - it will be a soft to download for free.

Indeed, the formula accepted by Microsoft would take free-to-play, with any part of the content is available without having to drop a euro. Well sure, options and other premium content would also be to fund the development of the Simulator. Initially, everything will happen on the island of Hawaii and Microsoft promises many exciting hours of game. But no doubt it will take through the Fund to extend the playing area and access to more aircraft. The editor speaks of multiple air challenges, numerous missions and hidden objects to discover. It is however unclear if Microsoft Flight will offer players to compete.

> The official page of Microsoft Flight


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