LG Electronics: a smartphone under Intel Medfield in the these?

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Manufacturer LG Electronics is still the third largest manufacturer of mobile phones but his arrival on the segment of smartphones is made in pain or have a model lighthouse to stain remover of lot and despite real efforts of innovation.

These 2011 and MWC 2011 fairs had been the opportunity to make several smartphones offering new functionality (dual core processor, new screen technologies,... autostereoscopic 3D display).

First demonstration at the these?

Continuing this commitment to innovation, the Korean group could announce a first smartphone processor Intel Medfield and using the Android platform to show these 2012. It is in all cases what says the Korea Times, citing the words of the President of Intel in Korea Lee Hee-Sung, but which are not confirmed by the manufacturer.

Intel and LG Electronics are long-standing partners and Korean Group had already presented a smartphone of demonstration at CES 2010 that getting into a platform Intel States and bone mobile Moblin (Linux Mobile, at the time) supported by Intel prior to its integration in MeeGo

It would be therefore here still a presentation above a launch which did not intervene before the month of March at best. Recent rumours suggest that the couple Intel Medfield / Android 4.0 will be finalized in the second quarter of 2012.


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