Free Mobile: the sale of phones and monitoring conso finally open

Free Mobile is finally evolve its web site and its subscriber space to buy the phone online and follow its consos and options.

With several days of delay, Free Mobile finally opens his shop mobile phones online. Telephony offers Free subscribers can now order the motive of their choice among five references:

ZTE F160-€49 Huawei U8350 at €120,76 the ZTE Blade S to €144,76 the Samsung Galaxy 144,76 Y € Samsung Galaxy Ace to €220,76

Payment in several times is however not yet available, will have to discharge the total amount in cash and by credit card. In addition, flagship smartphones are the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT i9100?) or GT i9100G, the BlackBerry Curve 3 G and the iPhone 4 is available at a future date.

freemobile-boutiquetel     freemobile-espaceabonne

Good news is never alone, Free is also evolving Subscriber space and finally by clicking the tab "Manage my account" to follow his telephone consumption data, and manage package options (the only option for the BlackBerry charged €1 is available at this time).

Free therefore evolve its site on the day the day, that is, but one cannot help thinking that this is not very professional and that the operator could develop this upstream to directly propose a functional site to its subscribers at the beginning of its commercial offers. Because there it is still a lot of work to do to qualify for a worthy of its competitors… Subscriber space


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