Facebook is in stock! Objective 5 billion...

Facebook launches its process entry in the stock market. A major introduction...


It is of course the introduction on the stock exchange of a giant of the Web the more expected from Google in 2004. Facebook, first social network in the world, will make its entry on Wall Street and filed his case to the & Securities Exchange Commission. Logically, Facebook should be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, or the Nasdaq. In this case, Facebook book its goal of raising at least 5 billion for this entry in the stock market, but everyone knows that this could even be a little more both the site attracts investors.

Remains that the number is already huge for a company of 3200 employees. Moreover, it goes without saying that some of these employees well with stock options will take advantage of this entry on the stock exchange to become millionaires. For comparison, at the time of its entry into incredible scholarship (Larry Page and Sergei Brin decided to dictate their rules on Wall Street), Google not lifted "only" $ 1.9 billion.

Among strangers: the number of shares on the market and their introduction price. However, it is known that Facebook symbol on the markets will be "FB" and at the end of this process, enhancement of Facebook should be between 75 and 100 billion. Quite unusual, Mark Zuckerberg will enjoy a Pact formed by the shareholders in its favour, for controlling the majority of the voting rights after the introduction. The pattern of Facebook will continue to have the hand on the strategic decisions of the social network.

The introduction will be organized by Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Barclays, and Allen & Co. We finally learn in the documents submitted by Facebook to the SEC that the turnover of the company was $ 3.71 billion in 2011, to achieve a net profit of approximately 1 billion an increase of 65%. 85% of revenues are generated by advertising and the rest via the payments made on the sale of applications, games and credits.


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