BlackBerry London: more information on the renewal of the smartphone in RIM

A Visual of the future top-of-range of Research In Motion, the BlackBerry smartphone London, leak on the net.

It is the site who disclosed which proves be a Visual of a pitchbook presenting the future BlackBerry London. This scheduled for a release later this year, will be the first smartphone of the mark to the new version of mobile OS from RIM, BlackBerry 10, who must sign the return of the constructor in the race for top-of-range mobile tactile terminals.

Design slice many from that proposed RIM before, place now to a close more "traditional" look of the HTC, Motorola or Samsung to provide large touch screen and very thin shell. The result seems prima facie very promising but design is not everything, the Canadian firm will also offer a mobile OS ergonomic and well thought out and a complete ecosystem to take advantage of all the essential applications and present on other competing platforms.

At the level of the features technical, nothing is still stopped but it is rumored that Research In Motion would choose for a dual-core processor running at 1.5 GHz and would hesitate between a Qualcomm Snapdragon and OMAP 5 of Texas Instrument.



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