NFC and charging by induction for the Nokia Lumia?

Nokia, driven by the success of its Windows phone Lumia 800, will equip its future smartphones of the latest technological innovations.

nokia_lumia_900The firm of Finnish, strong of the success of its Lumia 800 under Windows Phone smartphone with more than a million copies sold in two months, is to continue this momentum and to attract new users account equip its future models of Windows Phone in the latest technologies in fashion.

Thus the NFC (Near Field Communication) and loading Wireless induction will be soon integrated into its future models to stand out competitors.

The NFC is an emerging technology to Exchange data from a mobile terminal to another just by bringing the other contactless, this technology is strongly expected to rapid payment and contactless (a little like the Navigo Pass on the terminals of the RATP for the Parisians).

Charging by induction technology allows to the sector, the battery of the mobile is reloading block wire just by doing it on a basis related to the electrical outlet. According to Marko Ahtisaari, head of design at Nokia, this will create smart phones more end because deleting the presence of decision-making microUSB on terminals.

Nokia to unveil some of these smartphones Lumia generation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month? Wait & see...


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