Android locates malware on the Market

Google has implemented a security system on the Android Market that detects and automatically removes malicious applications.

Android Market

Bouncer, of its name, is deployed by Google since the second half of the year 2011 and has already helped reduce by 40% the number of malicious applications with malware, spyware or Trojans.

To do this, the system for the protection of the firm of Mountain View scans and tests all newly published or already available on the Android Market applications by simulating an Android system to analyse their behaviour in the cloud.

If an application is potentially dangerous, it is then removed from the booth and its developer or Publisher is banned and fitchée so that it can more reiterate his wrongdoing in the future.

This automated system allows thus Google, unlike Apple, not to intervene directly in the validation of applications leaving free developers to propose any type of content provided that the program contains no harmful functions.


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