Test Need For Speed The Run - Xbox 360

Are you ready to embody a beautiful dark, who himself will meet young delicious women, and which, Furthermore, will have open driving beautiful and large powerful cars to show as the King of the road and grand winner of The Run, a mythical race of the United States? It is worse, as hero, and moved behind the wheel of these displacements should not be a problem for the majority of players. Except that must still await for the glory since early in part, your life is not all rosy. You are ready to engage in the race, The Run, but your position, place the 200, will not give you no flattering look on the part of the public, or of your opponents.

Need For Speed The Run Need For Speed The Run (1)

Progress in this Run The NFS is original and us will change the eternal races in the same age-old city, with the same sets, repeatedly crossed neighbourhoods, the panels many times exceeded, etc. Here at each new course, a new playground is available to you. You drive on American roads and discover all the richness of the American landscape. San Francisco to New York, you cross the great canyons, the desert of Las Vegas, the snowy mountains, the beautiful green Plains, etc... Add to this improved graphics and you'll get a game visually very significant. It is not always easy to take advantage of the scenery, but your CoPilot seated next to you during your part can you to praise. You can also to live your races with climatic hazards of the crossed area: sand storms hinder visibility while snow adverse tends to annoy your paths.

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The Run will take place to you according to your results. If you are not a challenge, you can move forward. Success must therefore be at the Rendez-vous and may you have to multiply tests on many challenges. Because if the diversity affects the graphics, it also affects the race. The Run is not a succession of racing where you have to finish first. It would be tiresome in the long run, the steps many. The Run is available in different challenges: one will ask you to exceed a number of opponents, the other to stay in as long as possible head, another win against the - shows, etc... You cannot make additional show. The title imposed you its rhythm, to win the seat and according to certain levels, you going to happen to you at your level the best driver. A kind of combat against a boss somehow. Once past the stage, you resume to cross the country and grappillerez the number of needed space. The title is therefore linear, you will here nothing else to manage than driving. To be thus wear, players enjoy. The conduct is at the heart of their part and they can totally be devote.


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