Motherboards Abit: one month to get the drivers

It was almost three years ago now, March 31, 2009 specifically. Abit, a Taiwanese manufacturer primarily providing motherboards, announced that it lowered the curtain.

Yet its Web site continued to exist thereafter and is always accessible to the time where are written these lines, thus allowing the owners of the motherboards of the mark to Download drivers and manuals. It is indeed to be present to ensure after-sales service.

But as he announced it in home recently, Abit will soon close its online portal and disappear for good. The closure is scheduled on February 28, 2012, in a month.

In short, if you still have a motherboard Abit, we strongly recommend you make on the website of the mark to retrieve the drivers and the manual, because they will then become more complicated to find.

Carte mère Abit
One of the mothers proposed by Abit (click to enlarge)


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