Test Super Mario 3D Land - Nintendo 3DS

Mario arrives on the Nintendo 3DS and does things halfway. Long absent from the new laptop, Mario arrives this fall with two games. Mario Kart 7 will follow beginning of December, leaving us time to enjoy this Super Mario 3D Land. Game platform par excellence, here you will find all what made the success of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Yellow blocks to knock, mushrooms, fireballs, tortoises and shells, sometimes inaccessible platforms, traverse, shortcuts and paths of the boss at each end of the world. That of the known somehow to regulars Mario games. Nintendo flatters also them by adding a few winks to its title. Thus, you will find a situation known, a familiar perspective, an element that is sure to awaken in you a few memories.

Super Mario 3D Land (32) Super Mario 3D Land (28)

If the players expect a big game Mario, disappointment risk to take. Indeed, it cannot be said that the effort is focused on the content of the title. The game takes place under the feet of Mario very quickly and you'll not miss close adventure very quickly. Eight worlds await you in a first time, built in a traditional way to any game Mario: several levels and a final boss. All these levels take place in a time limited and need you to reach the famous mat with the flag before the final second. The surprise Unveils end and you will see then eight other levels, this time a little more demanding. That which reassures similarly. In addition, you can revisit each of these levels to retrieve all the hidden stars, all bonus and all Toad.


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