DSS Zalman F1: performance testing

Current December, the Zalman manufacturer has put on the market for device SSD storage and available in three capacities of 60, 120 and 240 GB simply named F1.

Curious to see what is beyond simple compatibility SATA 3 promising speeds to more than 500 MB/s, our colleagues from the website X - bit labs tested it its intermediate version of 120 GB.

The test configuration was:

Card mother Foxconn H67SProcesseur quad-core Intel Core i5-2400 to 3.1 GHzMémoire live 4 GoSSD Crucial m4 256 GB SSD Zalman F1 main unit (operating system) and its competitors in unit schedule (applications and user data) operating system Windows 7 Ultimate Edition SP1

Here are some of the results obtained:

Zalman F1 test 1 Zalman F1 test 2
Test of sequential flows under CrystalDiskMark (credit X - bit labs; click to enlarge)

Zalman F1 test 3 Zalman F1 test 4
Random flows under CrystalDiskMark test (credit X - bit labs; click to enlarge)

As you can see, the DSS F1 of Zalman is doing relatively well with its competitors, in Corsair, Crucial and Patriot Memory here. It is indeed the best, nor the less performing the batch tested.

That is good performance, everything will therefore play on the price displayed at time of purchase. At the present time, rival the Corsair GT Force, similar performance, is thus more interesting. The find a few dozen euros less, according to our price comparator (159 euros against 183 euros) can be.

Access to the full test (in English)


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