A titanic heatpipe blowing a Siberian

Titan Technology Unveils Sibera TTC - NC55TZ (RB) a double asymmetric heatpipe particularly massive.

The TTC-NC55TZ Sibera (RB) is a fairly imposing heatpipe which has two towers, a horizontally and the other vertically, with aluminium radiators are traversed by five heat pipes in copper 8 mm in diameter.

The horizontal Tower, the largest, is surmounted by a diameter 140 mm PWM fan (rotation speed of 700 to 1800 trs/min for an 34,78 to 89,43 CFM air flow and emitting a noise of 8.3 to 28.8 dBA). Vertical, smaller Tower is equipped with a fan PWM 120 mm in diameter (rotation speed of 800 to 2200 trs/min for a 24.23 to 66.2 CFM airflow for 15 to 35 dBA).


titan-siberia02  titan-siberia03  titan-siberia04

All measure 200 mm wide for 130 mm depth and 162 mm top (predict a very large package), weighing 755 grams and fits all sockets (LGA2011, LGA1366, LGA1156/LGA1155, AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 + / AM2, and FM1). The announced price of the monster is $ 92.


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