AMD launches two new FX-Series and a version of its FX-8150 WOX

AMD launches two new FX-Series and a "watercoolée" of its FX-8150 version.

AMD will soon launch three new processors for desktop computers in its FX-Series, namely bullets for socket AM3 + operating the Bulldozer nm. Already available for preorder in some French resellers as RueDuCommerce, FX-4170 and FX-6200 respectively posted 140 and 170 euros should come out very quickly. FX-4170 is a quad-core measured at 4.2 GHz (4.3 GHz in Turbo) with 8 MB cache L3 for a 125W TDP. FX-6200 is a hexa-core processor 3.8 GHz (4.1 GHz in Turbo), it also has 8 MB cache L3 for a TDP also set at 125W.

AMD FX 8150

Finally, a third processor is about to be launched by AMD. It is in fact rather a special edition of the octo-core FX-8150 that we tested here, but delivered with a kit of water cooling in place and place of the heatpipe. Where its FX-8150 'WOX' name, suggesting that with this liquid cooling kit, this chip will be gently overclockée.

If Intel has selected an Akasa block to which it affixed its logo to the system of water cooling of the Sandy Bridge-E, it is unclear what equipment has selected AMD. For the moment, this WOX version will be launched only in the United States at the rate of $ 400. Knowing found FX-8150 for about $ 320 across the Atlantic, the requested additional cost can be estimated at $ 80. AMD limits this version to the US market as a first step to assess the demand for this type of solution.


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