Closure of MegaUpload: a lack to make clear to its providers

MegaUpload was a very large client for its hosts, which are immediately penalized by blocking of the accounts of the service can no longer pay them.


Our colleagues from ZDNet sister site themselves are immersed in the indictment of MegaUpload and there have found interesting information about the host service providers which it has heard a lot about these days here. Thus, beyond the figure of 175 million (alleged revenue recorded by the site) that we hear everywhere since the brutal closing of MegaUpload by the FBI, many sought to know how many were in the platform accommodation and its bandwidth (4% according to some estimates global Internet traffic).

According to the indictment, found therefore that MegaUpload activity was also a business thriving for its partners providers. Thus, combining the sums paid by Carpathia Hosting, Cogent and Leaseweb MegaUpload, we arrive at a total of more than 51 million between 2007 and 2011. Cogent has alone received more than 30 million since 2009. The company leased 36 MegaUpload servers to the United States but France also.

Carpathia Hosting received 17.6 million for MegaUpload between March 2007 and July 2011, and provided the equivalent of 25 petabytes of storage space via 1,000 servers based in the United States. Finally, Leaseweb, Dutch company, received $ 9 million in the same period for the rental of 630 servers based in the Netherlands (MegaUpload him in having also purchased 60 end 2011). The same indictment says that between November 2006 and July 2011, the $ 110 million that has accumulated MegaUpload on his PayPal account.

If none of the three cited hosters has wished to confirm these figures, the closure of MegaUpload in any case largely decreased their traffic and, in the case of Cogent, even caused a fall in its share price on the stock market of 20 to 16 dollars the days which followed the closure of the service. It must be said that MegaUpload was 2 to 3% of revenues from the hoster.


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