A complaint to make tremble Facebook and disrupt its introduction on the stock exchange?

A class action against Facebook could be very detrimental to the social network...

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Yesterday, we announced the preparation of Facebook to its entry in stock already looming as the stock of the year event. Today, we discover that a small grain of sand could slip into the well-functioning part of this operation. Indeed, a class action (complaint partnership) filed last June in Illinois would be able to disrupt this introduction as a lawyer at the firm of Korein Tillery.

Reason for this complaint, the illegal use of the name and photo of minors for commercial purposes. Two mothers of families believe that it is not normal that the name and the image of their children can be used in a commercial context to their friends on the social network, stated that X likes such product or that there is in such. Steven Katz, counsel for the complainants, considers that "it is a case that can be detrimental to the image of Facebook and investors need to be aware that threats of this type come on the social network, because advertising, could not do anything". According to him, 14 to 20 million Facebook members have less than 18 years.

The social network is being placed under the California law, course should look at what is said on the subject in the texts of this State. And can be read according to the counsel of Korein Tillery: "A contract to use the name or photo of a child in advertisements is void without the approval of a parent or judge". The penalty is $ 750 payable by offence - given the popularity of Facebook in the young - which would cost billions of dollars. And Steven Katz clarified: "Facebook argument according to which all users approved of the use of their name and their photos in advertising under these terms of use may not be applied to minors because, as minors, they cannot legally give their consent or contract".


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