307 domain names seized before the SuperBowl

ICE has conducted an operation to arrest a few hours from the SuperBowl for infringement of articles of fans, and illegal streaming sites.

SuperBowlNew York Giants vs New England Patriots: this is the game of the year but also the sporting event most follow-up at the United States, the Super Bowl, the NFL final which will be played this weekend. A real show on the ground but also outside, this final is before all a show as only us know to produce, with stars who sing at half-time and as long as short films commercials! Inevitably, this event attracts millions of fans on the canvas, which ride on tons of sites some of which are illegal in the eyes of the law.

Thus, in a few hours of kick-off, federal authorities come to launch a great blow of net typing 307 domain names. Internet sites for some of the accused disseminate without agreement online games on the Web, and who more mostly are seized for trade of objects of sports merchandising counterfeit (jerseys, caps, t-shirt, etc.). A large wave of searches followed, leading to the seizure of a total of $ 4.8 million and the arrest of an individual who administered 9 of 16 illegal streaming sites. This operation named "Fake Sweep" was implemented by the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) unit.


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