Sandia Cooler, the tiny rotating CPU radiator

The Sandia National Laboratory has developed a small CPU radiator that turns on itself from fan for heat dissipation and thus occupy less space.

Sandia Cooler is a heatsink-fan prototype developed by a laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, which promises to be revolutionary.


Indeed, the concept is based on a circular, consisting of curved vanes, sink that runs on himself with a small motor, all placed on a fixed basis in direct contact with the CPU. This cooling solution allows then to gain footprint in a box because with a heat dissipation and optimized, more need of massive ventirads round format with many 120 mm fans. Sandia Cooler is also presented as thirty times more efficient than the current CPU ventirads while being ten times more compact.

sandia-cooler-02     sandia-cooler-03

The idea is there, on the schema this seems devilishly effective but it still develop the product before its commercialization to address the concern of the noise emitted by the engine and the actual effectiveness of this all-in-one heatpipe upright in full view of the video below.

What should no longer delay, Sandia found an industrial partner to refine, finalize and market what could revolutionize the world of CPU cooling. Case to follow...


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