Free: the Freebox V4 to V5 without request

You connect to with an outdated Freebox V4 old. Free think of you, and will send you a V5 gratis!

Freebox V4 V5For a few months already, Free proposes to exchange free of charge its aging Freebox V4 (released in 2004) by a Freebox V5. But the Internet access provider leaves now more choice for customers still equipped with an old modem. Indeed, the renewal of the Freebox V4 by a V5 is now forced, automatically validated. At the time, sending a Freebox V5 is done without the Subscribers having anything to ask.

Free explains that no subscriber is of interest to retain a Freebox V4, knowing that it knows not to decode the video stream in MPEG-4. Another advantage for customers, the passage of the 802.11n standard WiFi, while the Freebox V4 is remained blocked in the 802.11 g WiFi.


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