Android 4.1 Jelly Bean available mid-July, what's new?

At the Google I/O conference, the search giant officially launched the big update of its OS mobile Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean. What is new?

mascotte-android-41-jelly-bean-01Google has as planned unveiled the new version of its mobile OS Android, including the name of code Jelly Bean is now official and number in version 4.1.

This update of Ice Cream Sandwich, available by mid-July, will be first proposed in OTA (Over The Air automatically via Wi - Fi or 3 G update) on smartphones Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and the Motorola Xoom tablet.

Jelly Bean does not merely to be that a minor update, it has many new features that we will present to you below.

The graphic interface, first, has undergone many changes and optimizations under the code name "Project Butter" so that fluidity felt in the navigation between screens is the 60 frames per second. The reactivity of Android was flawless thanks to the setting up of a triple buffering and Vsync which allow a better synchronization of the CPU and the GPU for display smoothly. More no lag or slowdown should then come and ruin the user experience.

android-41-jelly-bean-02     android-41-jelly-bean-03

Widgets are now able automatically size elements that are already and remaining on the screen instead.The bar of notifications becomes bigger and becomes even more interactive with available actions directly without having to open the dedicated application. For example, when a call is missed, notification system to directly recall the correspondent or send him a text message without the need to open the call log or the sms application. Fast and effective! It is the same to read and respond to a mail or interact with Google + among other possibilities.Update applications has also been improved, so in some cases, it will be more essential to download all of the APK but just the files needed for the new version. Gain time and data transfer!The virtual keyboard has been reworked for a seizure again improved with a prediction of the words typed even better but also a voice input (typing Voice) more effective which requires no Internet connection for access to the Google servers because carried out directly by the terminal. Available initially in English and then in French a little later.

android-41-jelly-bean-05.jpg     android-41-jelly-bean-04

Voice Search brings voice search to the Apple's Siri with operation that allows to ask questions in natural language, Jelly Bean can propose responses via the Google search engine to questions such as "Who is the Prime Minister of the Japan?", or even "Show me images of marmoset".Is Google Now a little figure of "Big brother is watching you" because this technology allows all personal data collected by smartphone or Tablet (geolocation, history of navigation, agenda, contacts, addresses etc.) offer targeted information until it is needed to apply them. For example you go to an evening with a friend in Paris, if your appointment was noted in your agenda, Google Now you remember of course but also give you the information to visit the place where you are with schedules of trains, buses and metro the closest or road traffic. A little intrusive but this may be convenient for some people a little head in the air.

Many other new features and improvements were also incorporated as the function camera that allows for picture-taking to view taken photos and remove a finger gesture, or even enhancement of the native web browser both in performance HTML5, CSS 3 but also Javascript.


For developers, the SDK of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is now available on the dedicated website.

Users to other terminals to be the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom they expect announcements of different manufacturers and operators in order to know the dates of any updated official planned or expected that customs Roma see the day where applicable.


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